Directions to Rockville Center (RC) - 255 Rockville Pike

The Rockville Center is the large 3 story building on the west side of Rockville Pike just south of Middle Lane.  It is just one long block south of the Rockville Fire Depít. The West side of the R.C. building faces the outdoor parking lot of the Regal Theaters.

There are parking entrances on both the East side of the bldg. (Rt. 355) and the West side of the bldg. (Monroe St.). Parking in the building is free on weekends.

Make your way via elevators or stairs to the large central lobby area on FLOOR ONE.

(For those who choose to park on the Regal theater lot you can enter the R.C. through the West doors on Level P1 and take the elevator up to the first floor, or you can walk up the outdoor stairway leading to the Metro concourse/overpass and enter the South entrance of R.C on Floor one.)