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Please join me in congratulating Ayumu & Azusa as Estelle, 1st puppy raised by Ayumu passed her IFT and is now in formal guide dog training. A special thanks to Bobbie Havel who graciously took over raising responsibilities when The Nishimura Family moved back to Japan in early July!

Prescott, 1st puppy raised by Nick Van Nevel, did not pass his IFT but there should be further news soon about another possible career choice!  We appreciate the time and effort Nick invested in raising Prescott!

Libby, 9th puppy raised by John & Claire Kennedy, has been in the Guiding Eyes Home Training Program and was recently matched to a women in Columbus, Ohio.  Libby will be leaving the Training School on October 6th to begin her new working career!

Riggs, 1st puppy raised by Trish Pannuto, was released from training and will be privately adopted by a family in Maryland.



Please join me in congratulating the Cromwell-Reed Family as Oriana, 4th dog raised by their family, passed her IFT today and begins formal guide dog training!  They will take over raising responsibilities for Nalani as Jennifer Jaw has moved to California for a job opportunity!


Please join me in welcoming Rajah, a German Shepherd to be finished by Abby McCarthy. Hendrix has moved to the Catoctin Region to be finished by a raiser anxiously waiting to raise a German Shepherd for Guiding Eyes!

Linden, the seventh dog raised by Jean Silverman has been released from training and will be privately adopted becoming a cherished family pet living in Chicago!


Please join me in welcoming our newest member of Group1-Aris, a male Black & Tan Lab and brother of Andy, to be raised by Jean Silverman.  This will be the 9th puppy raised by Jean Silverman and her family!  Welcome to the newest member of our region!


Congratulations to Jody McCain as Omar passed his IFT; he did such a stellar job he is now on Breed Evaluation!  Way to go Omar! 

Please welcome Jody's twelfth puppy she will be raising for Guiding Eyes, Andy a black male, he is on his way down from NY, expected to be in Jody's hands later this evening!

Havana, second dog raised by Abby McCarthy has been released and will be privately adopted.



Please join me in congratulating The Cromwell-Reed Family as they travel to NY today to bid good luck to Ava, the 3rd puppy they raised for Guiding Eyes. Ava leaves the Training School and will complete Home Training with her graduate in Augusta, Maine then begin her new career as a Guide Dog! 

The new puppies have arrived!  Welcome new raisers:

Katie Long now has a cute, yellow female pup named Yola, 1st puppy raised by Katie but she has both Lauren & Julianna to help and give suggestions that may have worked for sweet Lil who is now in training in NY!

Caralie Price has Yola's sister, also a cute yellow female named Yaz, this will be the 1st puppy that Caralie will raise for Guiding Eyes!

Patriot newly retired guide dog also travelled down from NY with the puppies to live and enjoy himself with Jean Silverman; Patriot was the first puppy I raised for Guiding Eyes!


Please join me in again congratulating Gina Slonin as Keith was recently returned to Guiding Eyes by his first graduate and went directly in to training, he completed his re- training and was matched to a graduate and will begin guiding in South Carolina!  Gina, Samantha and Sue-Anne will travel to NY for graduation tomorrow to wish Keith good luck!


Please join me in congratulating Abby McCarthy who has just traveled back from NY after watching Havana pass her In For Training Test (IFT).  Havana now begins her formal guide dog training.  This is the second dog Abby has raised and she will soon take over raising responsibilities for her third puppy-Hendrix started by Celeste.

Thanks for all that you each do for our special puppies!  Please remember to check our region website frequently for schedule or class group changes.


Please join me in congratulating Miriam and Sean Grogan who attended the graduation of their seventh dog-- Anakin who will travel to Nebraska with his graduate to begin his guide dog career!

Welcome new puppy-Keats to John and Claire Kennedy this will be the tenth puppy raised by The Kennedy Family, Keats a yellow male returned this afternoon with Miriam and Sean as they travelled back home from graduation ceremonies!

Coming soon to join Group 2 puppies-Wilson a yellow male, the brother of the famous TV personality Wrangler, on a long term sit with Morganne Kelliebrew who is returning to our area on May 15th after a successful year at Cornell University.

Thanks to everyone who attended region training and watched the recent webinar on House Manners, your time is greatly appreciated


Please join me in welcoming our newest raisers, several new pups to arrive this afternoon:

 First time raiser Carla Coelho who will be raising Chestnut a lovely black female.

 First time raiser Kevin Gautrey who will be raising Farber a sweet yellow male.

 First time raiser Mansi Sundrani who will be raising Etta a darling yellow female(sister of Eddie).

 First time raiser Michael Strobel who will be raising Eddie a dashing black male with the assistance of his mother-Trish who  raised Riggs now in training; and supervised her son Ben who raised Kendall; a working guide dog.

 First time raiser Mike Scott who will be assuming raising responsibilities in early June from Margie Coccodrilli who will have Cupid a mellow black female(sister of Chestnut).

Also of note please join me in congratulating Jody McCain as she attends Conway's graduation from ATF this Friday!!! 

Just to keep everyone posted that Jodi Haveles continues to make steady progress in her recovery!


Please join me in congratulating the following raisers whose dogs passed their IFT and will all begin formal guide dog training very soon! 

Julianna Long and family for raising Lil their first dog as a family but the second dog raised by Leanne.

 Trish Pannuto for raising Riggs their second dog, Trish and Michael will travel to NY Friday to pick up their next puppy, Eddie a black male!

 Jean Silverman for raising Linden her seventh dog.

 Beverly, raised by Bobbie Havel has been released from guide dog training and will be privately adopted.

 Your eyes are not deceiving you if you have spotted a new German Shepherd pup in the region, that little guy is Hendrix, he is being started by Celeste and when Havana leaves for her IFT, Abby McCarthy will take over raising responsibilities. 

 More new puppies will be arriving shortly--stay tuned! 


Congratulations to the Montgomery Regions newest guide dogs! 

Ike the first dog raised by The Parkins family left the Training School to guide his graduate in nearby NY, NY!

Kilo the second dog raised by Amy Thaler and her daughter Blythe will be guiding his graduate in Synder, NY!

Ting has changed careers and has begun training in detection work at ATF!

Join me in welcoming Viking, a sweet black male the 3rd dog raised by Colleen Bennet who arrived Friday.

Along for the ride down this past Friday was New Hampshire pup Yarrow an 8 month old yellow female here for thenext 2 months with Liz Neubaum.


Congratulations to Montgomery's newest guide dogs!

 Indigo, the 2nd dog raised by Maura & Colleen Bennet, has travelled to Colorado with her graduate and this leaves us to wonder if Maura might see Indigo guiding while she attends college in Colorado!

Nanette, the 1st dog Abby McCarthy has raised as a home change from The Weiksner Family, is heading for Bronx, NY to begin guiding her graduate!


Ting, the 3rd dog raised by Terri Binder, has passed her IFT Test and now begins formal guide dog training!

Please welcome new raiser Jane Santy who will be raising Conner, a sweet, yellow male.  Also welcome new raiser Suzanne Shayt who will be raising Newman who is also a sweet yellow male.

Welcome Shamrock, black male and the 8th pup Jean Silverman will be raising!

Unfortunately, Kona was rehomed to another region when new raiser Fran had to withdraw due to health reasons.

Fern has been released from Puppy Program for medical reasons but we wish to thank John & Claire Kennedy for giving Fern a great start.  Fern will be privately adopted.

Slater, raised by Susan & Jim Loewen, was released from The Special Needs Program for medical reasons. Slater will be privately adopted.


Congratulations to Bobbie and Jim Havel as Beverly the 3rd puppy they have raised for Guiding Eyes begins her training after passing her IFT today.

Thanks also to Miriam and Sean Grogan for raising their 6th puppy, Anakin, who passed his IFT in October and is currently In-for-Training. 


Please welcome back retired Guide Dog Hildy, she was adopted by Alan & Carolyn Lauer

Also, newly retired Guide Dog Raider was adopted back by his raisers-Camille & Andrew Good

Please send congrats to Jody McCain whose 10th puppy she raised-Conway begins training with ATF


Watson first dog raised raised for Guiding Eyes but one of many service dogs raised by Blythe and Amy Thaler graduates and will travel St. Charles, Missouri to begin his career. 

Joan will be travelling home with the new puppies to live with Alan and Carolyn Lauer--welcome home Joan! 

Prescott black, male to be raised by new raiser Nick Van Nevel but the 7th Guiding Eyes puppy raiser by their family.

Perry, also a black, male and brother of Prescott will be raised by new raiser Liam Horrigan and Patricia Noel.

Nexus, yellow female to be raised by new raiser Kathi Gagliano and family.

Nalani, also a yellow female and sister to Nexus will be raised by new raiser Jennifer Jaw and her husband Douglas Yuen.


Great news three new puppies are joining our region. John Kennedy is in NY leaving on 7/24/14 on puppy transport duty!  One puppy, Aleda black female arrived last Wednesday for Alan Lauer, the second puppy he will raise for Guiding Eyes.  

The two newest puppies are Estelle, black female being raised by first time raiser Ayumu under the watchful eye of Azusa Nishimura!  

John will also be bringing back Fern, yellow female to be raised jointly by Claire and John Kennedy their eighth puppy for Guiding Eyes.  Please join me in welcoming our new puppies in the capable hands of our repeat raisers!

Please join me in congratulating Miriam and Sean Grogan who were able to attend Dallas's graduation this past weekend.  Dallas was in the Special Needs program which requires specialized training to meet the needs of a graduate with an additional challenge.  Dallas will now reside with his family on the west coast in California!

Thank you again for raising, sitting and behind the scenes support of our region and these very special dogs,


Libby the 7th dog raised by John & Claire Kennedy has passed her IFT and is now in training! 

Kilo the 2nd dog raised by Amy Thaler and her daughter Blythe also passed his IFT and is in training! 

Thank you so much to John and Claire, Amy and Blythe for helping these extraordinary dogs travel to their next step! 

Lacy the 3rd dog raised by Azusa Nishimura has returned from NY and has been adopted by Azusa and her family,
what a lucky dog Miss Lacy is!


 We have the best news ever to share with everyone.  Five of our region pups travelled to NY on Sunday, June 15th and all 5 pups passed their IFT!!  Hooray!  Thank you to Azusa and her family for raising their 3rd dog, Lacy, who is now in training.

 Also, thank you to Abby who finished her first dog for us, Nanette, who is currently on Breed Evaluation!  We would also like to thank Carrie and Nina Weiksner for giving her a great start.

 Thanks also go to Kim Adams who finished her first dog, Champion, who is now in training.  Adam and Jess Capauno gave Champion a great start, so we thank them as well.

 Ike, the first dog raised by the Parkins family, is currently on Breed Evaluation.  Congratulations to the Parkins and Ike on a job well done.

 Indigo, sister to Ike, is also on Breed Evaluation.  A big thank you to Maura & Colleen Bennett for raising their 2nd dog for the Montgomery Region.

Everyone in the region is celebrating this wonderful news.  Please know how deeply we appreciate all that you do for these wonderful pups!  Now, we look forward to hearing about each pup's glowing training reports.


A huge round of congratulations for all four dogs who passed their IFT today.  Thanks to the Cromwell/Reed family - raisers of Ava, their 3rd dog raised, and who remains on Breed Evaluation.  Thanks also go to Jody McCain, raiser of Conway (puppy 10 for her) who is also on Breed Evaluation.  We want to thank Susan and Jim Loewen, raiser of Slater who is the 5th puppy they have raised for us and is In-for-training.  And an extra thank you to Carolyn and Alan Lauer who drove all these pups up to NY.  Their puppy, Joan, is the third dog raised for us and she is also In-for-training.  Congratulations to all puppies and raisers for a job well done!

We are also welcoming back Patton, raised by Terri and Irwin Binder.  After doing well in training he made the choice that where he really belonged was back in the Montgomery Region as a wonderful pet and mentor for the GEB pups the Binders raise for us.  Patton joins Ace (retired guide) and Ting (10 month old pup in training).  Welcome home Patton!!


 Watson, the 1st dog raised for the GEB organization by Amy Thaler and her daughter Blythe, did so well on his IFT he has been moved to Breed Evaluation.  Amy is already busy with her new pup-Kilo a 10 month old German Shepherd!

The region welcomes Riggs, a sweet yellow boy and the 2nd dog being raised by The Strobel Family.  Stepping up to raiser responsibilities is Ben's younger brother Michael.

Gigi and Ed Aguirre welcomed back Adora as they chose to adopt her!

Tappi, the 2nd dog raised by Bobbie Havel, will be graduating this Saturday and will then travel to live with her Graduate in NYC, NY!

Tanner, the 5th dog raised by Miriam and Sean Grogan, will also be graduating this Saturday and will then travel to live with his graduate in Milwaukee, Wi.

Congrats to all and thank you for what you do to raise the best possible dogs for Guiding Eyes for the Blind! 


Please welcome new puppy, Riggs, to the region.  Riggs is a yellow, male lab and will be raised by Michael Strobel.  This is the second pup raised by the Strobel family.  Welcome to the region's latest addition!

Adora has recently decided that her destiny is to live in Montgomery County with her raisers, Gigi and Ed Aguirre.  A big thanks again to Gigi and Ed for raising such a nice puppy.  Welcome back Adora - you can celebrate playing in yet another one of our big snowstorms!


The following dogs have successfully shown how resilient they are by adjusting to change:

Keith, raised by Gina Slonin, has gone in to training after Jane R. took the necessary steps to use Keith in the Breeding Program.  So please join me in congratulating Gina for raising a "Dual Career Dog"!

Thanks to The Capuanos' for giving Champion a great start and please welcome Kim Adams who will finish raising Champion.

Thanks to The Weiksners' for giving Nanette a great start and please welcome Abby McCarthy who will finish raising Nanette.

Favor, raised by Casi Meiklejohn, was released from training and was gladly taken by the Connecticut State Police Department.  Now both former raiser and the pup she raised are in law enforcement! 

February 11, 2014 

Today, two Montgomery Region puppy brothers had their In-for-training tests and represented us very well.  Kendall, the first puppy raised by Ben Strobel and his family, passed with flying colors.  He is now in training.  Not to be outdone by his brother, Keith also passed his IFT.  Keith is the first puppy Gina Slonin has raised, but the Slonin family has raised 5 puppies for the region!  Keith is currently on breed evaluation.  Congratulations to the Strobel and Slonin families for a job well done!

Raider, raised by Andrew and Camille Good, is scheduled for the February graduation class.  Raider is currently in our Home Training program.  Fortunately, because Raider's partner lives in New York, Raider will be participating in the graduation to be held in Yorktown Heights!  Congratulations to Andrew and Camille for raising such a great puppy!


Congratulations go to Claire and John Kennedy on the graduation of their pup, Ginseng, today!  Ginseng is the sixth puppy raised by John and Claire who are successful, multiple raisers for the region.  This was a special day in that the Today show had a follow-up segment on another graduate there getting his third dog.  So, Ginseng was on national television with her other classmates giving national exposure to the organization and what we do at Guiding Eyes for the Blind. 

It is always a happy day when we welcome new puppies to our region.  Our leader, Jean Silverman, as well as her family have welcomed another puppy into their home to raise!  Linden, a black male lab, has some big paws to fill as the Silverman family have raised many wonderful pups already. 

We want to welcome back to the region Leanne Long who, after taking a 15 year break from raising GEB puppies, has now taken Lil.  Lil is a female, black lab who will start chapter 2 of Leanne's raising experience here in the Montgomery Region!

In addition, we add to our region family a new raiser, Paul Henderson.  Paul, along with his family, will be raising Kayak.  Kayak is a male, yellow lab.  Welcome to both Kayak and the Henderson's to the region!


 Please join me in congratulating the Reed-Cromwell family as they traveled up and back from NY last Saturday to watch their second dog--Fabri graduate!  Fabri and her graduate have already traveled to their new home in Mass.!  Great job!!!!!

November 2013 

Congratulations to Azusa Nishimura on the graduation of the second pup she has raised for us.  Thansa was in the early November graduating class and will be moving to Chicago with her new partner!  Many thanks to Azusa and Ayumu for raising another wonderful puppy. 

We have two more pups passing their IFT's with flying colors this month - Adora and Patton!  Congratulations to Gigi and Ed Aguirre for raising Adora, their second puppy for the Montgomery Region.  Thanks and congratulations also go to Terri and Irwin Binder for raising their second GEB pup. 

October 2013 

Congratulations to Carolyn Lauer whose second GEB pup, Jess, just graduated!  Jess will be moving with her new partner to Florida.  Thanks to Carolyn and Alan for raising several pups for the Montgomery Region.

 Sirius, the first GEB puppy raised by Glenda Johnson with the help of Nina and Micah, has officially become a member of GEB's breeding colony.  Congratulations on this great honor and there is talk that she is expecting her first litter of puppies!  Maybe one of our raisers will end up raising one of her pups right here in the Montgomery Region. 

 This month we have news about another success story regarding a pup raised by John Kennedy and his daughter, Claire.  Fauna graduated from GEB's Home Training Program and is living in Florida with her new partner.  John and Claire have raised many pups for the Montgomery Region with Fauna being their fifty puppy raised for us.  Thank you both for your dedication to GEB.

 August 2013

 We want to thank Paul Van Nevel and the Van Nevel family for doing such a great job raising Langley.  Langley graduated this month and has moved to North Carolina with his partner.  The Van Nevel's have raised several pups for us, but Langley was the first one where Paul was the primary raiser.  Congratulations on another success story!

This month both Tappi and Tanner passed their IFT's and are currently in training.  We want to congratulate Bobbie Havel for raising Tappi, her second pup raised for GEB.  Also, a big thank you and congratulations to Miriam and Sean Grogan for raising Tanner, their fifth puppy raised for us. 

Brandon, the 6th puppy raised by Jody McCain, recently decided it was time to retire.  He has been guiding his partner, Megan, for the last several years in New York.  Brandon is going to a family that has been waiting a very long time to adopt a wonderful puppy like Brandon. 

June 2013

Congratulations to Casi Meilkijohn who raised Favor - her first puppy for GEB.  Favor passed IFT and is in the Special Needs Training Program. 

 Joanie recently decided that being a wonderful pet and companion was what she has chosen to do so she was released from training.  Joanie was a home changed pup raised by Ted and Sue Mueller.  Thank you to Ted and Sue for making a family waiting to adopt one of our pups very happy!

May 2013

 Both Raider and Sirius have passed their IFT, Raider will go directly into training and Sirius will be evaluated for the Breeding Colony!

Congratulations to Camille and Andrew Good for raising Raider and Glenda, Nina and Micah for raising Sirius. 

Fabri has been switched to training now and we look forward to many great training reports that The Cromwell Reed Family will share with us!

Ginseng has been switched to be evaluated for the Breeding Colony and we wish to thank John and Claire Kennedy for the great start they gave to Ginseng!


Dream, 5th puppy raised by Jean Silverman and her family, was recently retired from guide work.  Soon a lucky family will be realizing their "dream" when they are able to adopt this beautiful, loving, black and tan lab.  Our thanks and congratulations go out to Jean as she continues to lead the region and raise puppies for the organization


This week both Ginseng and Thansa passed their IFT and will begin their formal training in New York! 

We want to thank and congratulate John and Claire Kennedy and their family for raising Ginseng.  Thanks and congratulations also go to Azusa Nishimura and family for raising Thansa.  

In addition, we want to welcome new raisers Carrie & Nina Weiksner who will be raising Nanette, a cute, yellow, female lab and their first GEB pup. 

And there is no break for John and Claire Kennedy who have received a cute, black, female lab named Libby - their 7th GEB puppy!! 

Sister Lacy, also a cute, black, female lab will be raised by Azusa Nishimura and her family - she is their 3rd GEB puppy!! 

Bismark, recently retired from Guide work, was adopted by his raisers, the Slonin family - welcome home!

IFT 02/26/13

Congratulations to Paul Van Nevel and the Van Nevel family for doing such a great job raising Langley who passed his IFT with flying colors.

Congratulations to Ted and Sue Mueller, raisers of Joanie who also did a wonderful job during her IFT. 

Louie, raised by Jody McCain, decided that he was needed back home with Jody to help raise Conway and take some of the stress off Satchel.  I look forward to adopting him and having him back home with us. 

Congratulations and thank you to all that helped these pups reach their potential!


More Congratulations are due to the follow region pups who are moving on to their next stage in life! Bosley, finished for a short time by Terri Binder, is graduating this month and will be moving with his partner to Florida.  

Dakin, first GEB pup raised by Kavitha Ganeson, is also graduating this month and will be residing in Wisconsin with his partner. Dream, 4th pup raised by Jean (not including Sharon, primarily raised by Eric) is graduating through the ACTION program (Accelerated Client Training Option) which is available to experienced guide dog users. Jean is traveling to NY today to say good-bye to Dream since she will not be at the regular graduation ceremony on February 23rd

Yesterday was the last class for our “Seniors” on their way to IFT (“College”) later this month. Good luck to Louie (#9 for Jody McCain), brother Langley (1st pup raised by Paul Van Nevel, 6th for the Van Nevel family) and Joanie (2nd pup raised by Ted and Sue Mueller).  


Jess, who you already know passed her IFT, has been moved from the breeding colony to training. We look forward to hearing of her progress and perhaps a graduation in her future. Thanks again, Carolyn Lauer, for providing her with a solid foundation. 

Speaking of puppies, along with Ava, the region welcomes Slater, second puppy raised by Susan and Jim Loewen. (I should say, 2nd in my tenure in the region, the Loewens also raised pups for another guide school organization as well as previously with GEB in Vermont many years ago.) Also joining Ava and Slater is Conway, 10th (YES, 10th) puppy raised by Jody McCain. Conway joins Louie and released dog Satchel at the McCain household—sure to get a leg up on some awesome GEB behaviors before Louie goes up for IFT later this month. Thanks and welcome! 

We have just completed a set of pre-placement classes and want to welcome the new Montgomery Region members! In this version of the Raiser/Sitter List, I have put everyone in the sitter section and will update again later in the month. All have been encouraged to come to class to meet everyone and to keep their skills up while the information is fresh in their minds! A warm welcome to: Julie Pannuto, Jaime Werner, Adam and Jess Capuano, Dan, Sherida and Lorenzo Parkins, and Irene Solaiman. 


Congratulations and thank you to Carolyn Lauer for raising Jess, her second GEB pup, who passed IFT on Tuesday with flying colors! Jess is currently being evaluated for the breeding colony. Carolyn will take a break of sorts and let her husband, Alan, raise their next pup coming soon. 

As mentioned in our last newsletter, congratulations also to Glossy, Bobbie and Jim Havel’s first GEB pup, who graduated last month. Thank you Bobbie and Jim for your hard work! 

Bismark has graduated into home training and the Slonins were able to visit their third GEB pup before he went home to his partner for further and specific training.  

Congratulations and a very warm and sincere thanks to Carolyn, Bobby, Sue-Anne and Samantha as well as all of our puppy raisers! You are the best!

Congratulations and thank you to Carolyn Lauer for raising Jess, her second GEB pup, who passed IFT on Tuesday with flying colors! Jess is currently being evaluated for the breeding colony. Carolyn will take a break of sorts and let her husband, Alan, raise their next pup coming soon. 

As mentioned in our last newsletter, congratulations also to Glossy, Bobbie and Jim Havel’s first GEB pup, who graduated last month. Thank you Bobbie and Jim for your hard work! 

Bismark has graduated into home training and the Slonins were able to visit their third GEB pup before he went home to his partner for further and specific training. 

Congratulations and a very warm and sincere thanks to Carolyn, Bobby, Sue-Anne and Samantha as well as all of our puppy raisers! You are the best! 


Favor, first puppy raised by Casi Meiklejohn, has passed her IFT and will begin her training soon. We thank Casi for her dedication and hard work as she prepared Favor for her next phase of training. We look forward to hearing about Favor’s progress. 


Dakin and Dream passed their IFTs and are in training. Dakin is the first GEB pup raised by Kavitha Ganesan (now a sitter). Thank you, Kavitha for all the hours and love spent giving Dakin the best foundation for his next steps! Dream is the 6th dog raised by Jean Silverman and family—thank you Jean for your continued help in the Region! Speaking of the Silvermans—Sharon, raised by Eric Silverman, graduated recently. Sharon was the first dog raised by Eric—well done! 

Also graduating, was Harry, Jody McCain’s 8th GEB pup. Jody has become the Montgomery Region’s most prolific and successful raiser: nine dogs total, six graduated as guides, one ATF graduate and one released. Satchel, Jody’s first GEB pup was retired as a guide and is now living with Jody as a beloved pet. Amazing! It is hard to find the right words to describe our appreciation and thanks. 

Keller has been matched again and is back in home training. He was the 1st pup raised by Bridget Van Nevel (but #5 of 6 by the family), was a home trained graduate, who was returned because the graduate could not handle the responsibility of the dog. Now there’s a dog that wants to work! 

Oasis, home changed dog being raised by Sue-Anne Slonin is travelling this month to New York for her IFT. Thank you to Sue-Anne and family for helping GEB by taking Oasis into their home and giving her much needed consistency in her training. Favor, raised by Casi Meiklejohn, will be going for her IFT in October. We will miss Casi as a GEB raiser as she tries to get into the canine program in the Sheriff’s Department—Good luck, Casi and don’t be a stranger! 

Finally, I want to welcome three new puppies and their raisers! Eric Silverman will be raising his 2nd GEB pup, Jessie. Gina Slonin will be raising her 1st GEB pup, Keith and Ben Strobel will be raising his 1st GEB pup (as his Eagle Scout project), Kendall.I am excited to help teach this group of teenage raisers. I have a special place in my heart for young people who realize early that kindness is the future and how satisfying it is to help others!

Congratulations to Jean Silverman and her son Eric who raised Sharon. Sharon graduated GEB on 08/18/2012 and will be living in Illinois.


Congratulations to Jean Silverman as, Dream, passed IFT on 08/14/12 and is now in training.


Congratulations to Kavitha as her first puppy, Dakin, passed his IFT on 07/17/12 and is now in training.

Congratulations to Jody McCain who attended Harry's graduation on 07/21. He has moved to Lee's Summitt Missouri. This is Jody's 6th pup to become a guide!


Loyal, Glossy, Dallas and Bosley have all passed their IFTs and are in training. Many thanks to Linda and Bill Ratcliff for their help with Loyal and Beverly Camalier and Keith Wilson for finishing her and honing her skills and socializations to give her the best chance possible. Loyal was the 7th GEB pup raised by Linda and Bill, who have retired as GEB volunteers after 10 years with the Montgomery Region. I don’t have the exact number of GEB pups that Beverly and Keith have helped finish and raise for the Region, but their help has been invaluable! 

Glossy was the first pup raised by Bobbie and Jim Havel, who are now raising their 2nd GEB pup, Tappi. I don’t like to jinx it, but I think they are hooked! Thank you Bobbie and Jim!

 Dallas was the 4th pup raised by Miriam and Sean Grogan, who also received a new GEB pup right after Dallas went up. They are raising Tappi’s brother, Tanner. Thank you Miriam and Sean!

 Bosley was a home change that Terri Binder graciously agreed to finish until it was time for his IFT. We thank Terri for her flexibility and willingness to help out GEB by giving him a home with consistency and love as he headed up to “college”.

 Both Ballad and Saffron were released from training after deciding the working life was not for them. Colleen and Maura Bennet are current sitters and Ballad was their first GEB pup. Saffron was raised by Brian Reed and Jen Cromwell (and Kyra) and is enjoying the life of a pet with them. I am sure she is also giving Fabri pointers on what to do and not do!

 Malone graduated and Mark and Anita Cattrell are quite proud! They did a wonderful job raising their first GEB pup and we are quite happy to have them as Region sitters. Savannah, 4th of 6 puppies raised by John Kennedy with Claire’s assistance, has graduated from the detection company, MSA. John and Claire are raising Ginseng after Fauna’s home change. We thank John especially for his flexibility and always wanting what’s best for his GEB pups. Thank you also for taking over the crate inventory and helping Terry Cohen with the website.

 Keller, 1st pup raised by Bridget Van Nevel (but #5 of 6 by the family), was a home trained graduate, who was returned because the graduate could not handle the responsibility of the dog. Keller is currently waiting to be matched again.

 Harry, 8th (of 9) GEB pup raised by Jody McCain has recently been matched. As you know, changes can happen up until (and even after) graduation, but we feel confident that he will graduate in July. Thank you Jody for continuing to raise great dogs and for all your help within the region!

 Good luck to Dakin, 1st pup raised by Kavitha Ganesan, who is off to IFT this month. We look forward to more good news about Dakin in the weeks to come.

 And finally, we want to thank Jodi Haveles for her invaluable help, guidance, time, devotion and enthusiasm stepping in as Region Manager after Roberta’s departure. The responsibility she took on was tremendous and she did it with a willingness and dedication that was really quite admirable. One of the things I like best about GEB is that although we are divided into regions, we all have a common goal of helping the pups be successful and it is full of loving friends. Although Jodi will pass her RM hat to Jean officially, I am confident that she will continue to be our friend, advocate and teacher any time we reach out to her.

June 5, 2012- IFT’s at Yorktown Heights  

Dallas, the 4th puppy Miriam and Sean Grogan have raised is now in training.  Thank you again for all you great work.  They came home with “Tanner”, their 5th puppy. 

Congratulations to Bobbie and Jim Havel as their first puppy, Glossy, is now in training.  They returned with “Tappi,” Tanner’s sister, to continue raising.

Loyal, the 7th puppy Linda and Bill Ratcliff helped raise and finished up by Beverly Camalier and Keith Wilson passed her IFT and is in training.  Thank you to all her raisers that helped her succeed.

Thank you to all our sitters and raisers that helped along the way!

Saffron raised by Brian Reed, Jen Cromwell and their daughter Kyra after a time up north with GEB Canadian cousins, has decided that guiding wasn't her calling and instead has returned to be part of their family.

Denise too decided that it was best to try a different career and returned to be part of the Silverman family.

Our recent graduates are:

Malone, raised by Mark and Anita Cattrell graduated this past month and is moving to Florida with his partner.

Keller, raised by Bridget Van Nevel, has graduated from the Home Training program and is residing in Kansas.

Yeah for Saffron who has transferred to the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind.  We thank Brain Reed, Jen Cromwell with their daughter Kyra who raised Saffron.  She is with our friends up north and we’ll be waiting for her news from up there – eh! 

We welcome Joanie to our region and welcome back!, Ted and  Sue Mueller, return raisers (guide Arlo) for taking her.  A big thank you to Pam Cooper who sat her for 3 weeks so Ted and Sue could get set for her arrival. 

Another new member to our region, Oasis, is coming to us from the Shenandoah region and will be raised by Sue-Anne and the Slonon family.  Thank you all and we look forward to meeting your new addition. 

We’ll also get to see Gigi Aquirre at our classes as she sits for Faraday until he can go to his new home with Cheryl M. in Catoctin next month.